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We Offer Flexible Coffee Machine Rental Models

A fully automatic coffee machine produces coffee just like traditional espresso machines using fresh milk and built-in milk frother at the touch of a button.

We offer a wide variety of bean to cup automatic coffee makers including the Dr Coffee range. These are compact, yet full of features that range from ceramic coffee grinders, touch screens through to pre-wetting of ground coffee to allow more extraction of desirable flavours.

Benefits of Automatic Coffee Machines

Fresh Milk

Using built-in fresh milk frothers, they have one-touch cappuccino making capability with a double boiler to ensure you have enough steam to froth your milk.

Quality Products

Choose from espresso coffee, americano, flat white, cappuccino, latte and even hot milk for making hot chocolate drinks, delivered fresh and hot to you at the push of a button.

Simple To Use

These coffee makers are as simple to use and clean as coffee capsule machines and they are perfect for home or office coffee situations, with service and maintenance included.

Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

These are compact, yet capable of producing a coffee shop quality coffee in your home, reception, showroom, office or boardroom. They use Dallmayr coffee beans which are ground on demand to prepare the freshest coffee, and they use fresh milk to create great tasting coffee shop quality coffee – coffee you’ll be happy to serve your guests and staff alike! Our range of these bean to cup coffee machines embraces the latest technology such as touch screens and ceramic grinders to ensure quality is not compromised.

They are as easy to use and maintain as a coffee capsule machine and have automatic descale and brewer rinse programmes. They are also great for home coffee making.

Service and Maintenance Plans

We’ll offer you a free demo to see just what a difference these coffee machines will make to your office or home.

They are perfect for home or office coffee situations. So it’s no surprise that coffee roasters and coffee lovers alike, love them. They are backed by our legendary service and maintenance plans. Simple and very cost effective for home or office coffee.

We have hundreds of happy clients, large and small, that have been with us for years. You simply do not get contract renewals year after year in a very competitive market, if you are not delivering exceptional value and delivering that value consistently.

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