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Fully Outsourced Solutions

As a facility manager overseeing the running of the company’s facilities, chances are the coffee service is one of your focal areas. How can we help you with our Managed Corporate Solutions?

Reduce Operational Costs

Providing a great coffee offering to staff and clients while watching the pennies may seem an impossible task. We know that facility managers struggle to find the balance. That’s where our business model for corporates makes the difference! We only charge for drink consumption and it has saved corporations thousands of rands.

You don’t pay for the coffee machines, nor do you have to worry about managing consumable invoices. You get one invoice a month and it will be lower than you currently pay. The more coffee consumed, the lower your cup cost. Call us to get an insight into how this will save you money.

Dedicated Staff At Your Service

Most of the hassle with corporate coffee services comes from the running of the machines on a day to day basis. For example, they need to be kept full or staff will complain that there is no coffee. They need to be kept operational or that “Out of Order” sign will irritate staff… and that means you, the facility manager, will hear about it shortly!

We solve all this by providing trained staff on site to manage everything to do with the machines, pause areas and a range of other services you need. Save money by having dedicated staff on site to do it all.

Fully Managed Coffee Solutions

Imagine, that as a facility manager, you didn’t have to worry about ordering stock, logging call-outs, arranging swap out machines, the oversight of hygiene management.

You don’t need to do any of that with our fully managed service.  We will arrange everything from delivery, storage, issuing and recording of consumables, through to the repair of a faulty machine before you even knew there was a problem. Then when we bill you, you will have a report that sets it all out in straight talk…

Hard to believe? Well it is what we have been doing for 19 years now and we’re happy to arrange you visit any of our sites to see for yourself!

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