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Filter Coffee Machines

Filter coffee machines have been around since the 1800’s. These machines rely on gravity to pull the water through the coffee grounds. So interestingly, not much has changed over the years and today, filter coffee machines still operate using gravity.

Choose between the glass bowl, the stainless steel vacuum flask or vacuum pump-pot models. You’ll enjoy freshly brewed and flavour rich coffee drinks either immediately, or up to a few hours after brewing.

Benefits of Instant Coffee Machines

Fast Brewing
We supply 80g ground coffee sachets and filter papers to give you 10 cups of delicious fresh filter coffee in around 10 minutes. This is perfect for busy offices where “on-demand” beverages are important for minimising staff downtime.
Cost Saving

Enjoy the most cost effective way of bringing fresh coffee drinks to your office as we supply a free filter coffee maker when you order just two boxes of 50 x 80g ground coffee sachets per month.

Choice Of Blends

Enjoy our Hotel Mischung and Supra Mocca coffee that has been blended for “easy, everyday” drinking. They will appeal to a wide variety of different staff tastes and keep your staff motivated and productive.

A Guide for Instant Coffee

There are some key issues to be aware of when using these machines. First the quality of the filter is important. Most filter coffee machines are made to be used with filter paper which is porous enough to allow the extracted coffee through. However, it is not porous enough to let the solid particles through. Some have a ceramic lattice structure that does the same thing but is reusable and will save costs.

Second, the grind is important. Too coarse and not enough extraction takes place. Under extracted coffee is watery and pretty tasteless. This is because you have left the best compounds in the coffee grind. Too fine and water cannot pass through and the filter coffee machine and the filter basket will overflow. It also results in over-extraction and bitterness can appear in the coffee.

Water temperature also determines extraction. The hotter, the more compounds are extracted. But too hot and you can burn the grounds which damages the compounds and gives rise to off-flavours and taints.

Smart Coffee Machines

The modern filter coffee machine cannot control the grind specification of the coffee. However, it does control the water flow, the water temperature and the volume of water put through the grounds. Smart electronics have also changed the machines. You can wake up to the smell of the machine preparing your coffee at the time set.

Our machines are offered with glass bowls or pump pots (vacuum flasks). Flasks are great for offices where pots are made and consumed quickly. Pump pots are useful for keeping coffee fresh for longer. Using 80g filter coffee sachets and filter paper, the machine produces 10 cups of coffee in about 10 minutes.

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