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Coffee Vending machines for your home or business

We offer a wide range of machines that are suitable for home and office use. Our coffee machines will give your staff and clients coffee shop quality coffee and a choice of hot beverages, all at the press of a button.

Coffee vending machines are generally divided into three categories:

Bean to Cup Coffee Vending Machines

Bean coffee vending machines are also referred to as bean to cup or bean-2-cup. They offer bean coffee as opposed to instant coffee and the quality of coffee is increased as a result. Coffee beans are ground in an onboard grinder as you select your coffee. The ground coffee is placed automatically in the brew chamber and hot water is pumped through it under the same pressure as you would find in a coffee shop coffee machine. The result is the same: great coffee pours into your cup!

Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant coffee vending machines were popularised in South Africa by Nestle with their “Nescafe coffee machines”. These machines provide coffee made from any brand of instant coffee like Dallmayr Gold. Using built-in fresh milk frothers, they have one-touch cappuccino making capability. They can make quality coffee drinks in your home or office. Simple and very cost effective for home or office coffee.

Tea and Coffee Vending Machines

Tea vending machines are not that common for one main reason: the particular way that each tea drinker prefers their tea is very difficult to replicate in a tea vending machine. Until now. If you want coffee, be it made from beans or instant coffee, our tea and coffee vending machine wil provide that too. Don’t forget, hot chocolate can be placed in the vending machines too! We also supply a milk powder that truly replaces fresh milk. This allows tea drinkers to enjoy white tea as if they were pouring in fresh milk.

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