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VASA Accreditation

Frontier coffee (a subsidiary of Dallmayr Kaffee, Germany) is an accredited member of the Vending Association of SA for the year 2022.

Dallmayr has been in the coffee industry for 300 years. With years of experience and expertise, we strive to provide the best coffee solutions for your business. Our goal is to add value to your establishment, which will result in better-added value for your staff and customers. Dallmayr’s crafted products have made them a leading brand in the German market, As a result, Frontier Coffee will be the driving force behind these products in South Africa.

Dallmayr - Frontier Coffee Services

Dallmayr has a wide range of coffee machines suitable for small to large companies. We supply filter, automatic, and vending coffee machines.

Dallmayr employs qualified technicians to keep your coffee machine maintained and well serviced for optimum use. Our qualified technicians are trained to repair different makes of coffee machines and coffee vending machines.

The name Dallmayr stands for the outstanding product and service quality with a tradition going back 300 years and is one of the best known German brands of coffee.

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