Dr Coffee Vicenza F10


  • Bean Coffee.
  • Fresh Milk.
  • Touch Screen.
  • 24 Selections.
  • 4l Water Tank

Whole Beans
This coffee machines uses coffee beans that are ground on demand to prepare the freshest bean coffee based drink. Coffee made direct from coffee beans will taste just like it does at your local coffee shop.

Typical Number of Users
Each coffee machine is designed to serve a certain range of users. Use this as a guide when choosing your coffee machine to ensure it will meet your needs.

Typical Number of Cups per Day
The coffee machine is designed to dispense a certain number of cups each day. This prevents over use and the need to have to constantly refill it with ingredients. Use this as a guide in finding the right machine for your requirements

Simple to use
These coffee makers are as simple to use and to clean as coffee capsule machines (e.g. Nespresso). However, they are far cheaper to use over time than coffee capsule machines given the cost of the coffee capsules themselves. They are the perfect for home or office coffee situations. So,it’s no surprise that coffee roasters and coffee lovers alike, love them. They are backed by our legendary service and maintenance plans.

Portion Control
Every drink is programmable and once set, the coffee machine uses the same amount of ingredients for each drink. This allows you to control your usage of coffee, tea, sugar etc. Saving you money.

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Dr Coffee Vicenza F10
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