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We supply a full range of consumables for use in your office and home coffee machines. Choose from our quality blends and tastes, loved by all South Africans.

Meet Warrior Ric

Ricardo Gressel

Hello! My name is Ricardo Gressel and I love coffee! It’s what helps me to stay motivated so that I can help motivate others.
I am delighted to join Dallmayr Coffee to share the good news with South Africa and the world that Dallmayr brews up winning conversations that inspire us to be our best.
Mr Supranational SA 2023

Tylo Ribeiro

I am Tylo Ribeiro, a 30-year-old from the lively, dynamic and beautiful city of Pretoria.

I graduated with my Honors degree in Chemical Engineering; then continued my studies by obtaining my Master’s Degree in Data Science. I am currently a data scientist for one of South Africa’s largest technology consulting firms.

I had the opportunity to represent South Africa in April 2023 on a global stage for the international Mister Supranational competition, where I placed in the Top 15 and walked away with the title Mr Supranational SA.

I started my own campaign called “ValuABLE,” focusing on individuals with disabilities. Our slogan is “I am able therefore I am Valuable.” We help these individuals to become entrepreneurs one day or to form part of established firms.

Dallmayr offers a rich and robust flavour that’s perfect for coffee enthusiasts such as myself. Its beans are attentively sourced and roasted to perfection, delivering a delightful and aromatic cup of coffee every time. I highly recommend all the variants of Dallmayr, they are superb!
Mrs South Africa 2024

Tshego Gaelae

I am Tshego Gaelae. I am 33 years old and live in Centurion, Gauteng. I am an Admitted Attorney working as a Group B-BBEE & Labour Relations Manager. I have 1 child with my spouse, Tshepo, to whom I have been married for 4 years. In my spare time, I like to create influential content for brands on my social media platforms, as well as educational content for My Lawyer’s Corner, on my YouTube page. I am #EveryWoman because I am a woman for women. Sisterhood, to me, means taking a purposeful role in seeing to the success of the women in and around us. In this regard, I am highly dedicated to the wins of women from all walks of life. 

As the Group CEO of Formation Group IT Communications, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management, along with a fashion design and business diploma, boasting over a decade of experience in the marketing and advertising industry.

Palesa’s impressive journey includes collaborations with esteemed organisations like the United Nations, African Union, and the Black Management Forum’s Young Professionals. She also played a vital role within the Admin Team of the Secretariats of BRICS Financial Services Working Group.

Palesa is the driving force behind Women In Formation Africa, an organisation committed to promoting education, empowerment, and social equality for girls and women, enabling them to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Beyond her philanthropic work, Palesa is the proud founder and designer of Maison Lisa, a denim brand known as the “#Queen of Denim.” Her brand, crafted locally in South Africa, resonates with both local and international audiences.

Her remarkable journey has seen her grace the runways of South African Fashion Week, feature on billboards, and grace the front covers of magazines. Palesa’s victory as Mrs. South Africa serves as a testament to the idea that anything is possible.
Mrs SA 1st Princess 2024

Noeline Rajbally

I am Noeline Rajbally, 47 years old and live in Durban, KwaZulu Natal. I am an Entrepreneur, Personal Empowerment and Mindfulness Coach. I am a proud parent of 3 wonderful children, cherishing a loving partnership with my spouse Rajesh Rajbally, for over 19 years. During my leisure hours, I find enjoyment in nature walks, yoga, quad biking, reading, self-care, meditation and journaling. With a passion for Empowering, Elevating and Educating women and children, I strive to make a positive impact on both professional and personal fronts, aiming to inspire and contribute to the world around me. I am #Everywoman because I am unique yet relatable, I choose to no longer be apologetic about my femininity!
Mrs SA 2nd Princess 2024

Theresa Maluleke

I am Theresa Maluleke. I am 29 years old and live in Johannesburg, Gauteng. My educational background is in geology and petroleum engineering. I am currently a management consultant, passionate about ensuring good governance and management practices within organisations. I have one daughter with my spouse Dr Nkosinathi Maluleke, to whom I have been married for one and a half years. In my spare time, I like to create baked goods from scratch, and blogging. I am #EveryWoman because I embody diverse and multi-dimensional experiences that represent the collective aspirations, dreams, challenges, and extraordinary strengths of the women in my life and community.
Springboks Rugby Player 1999-2007

Breyton Paulse

Breyton Paulse, a prolific try-scorer in the modern game, represented the Springboks from 1999 to 2007, playing 64 tests and scoring 26 tries. Notable for his early career hat-trick in a 1996 Currie Cup match, he made his Springbok debut in 1999, impressively scoring a hat-trick against Italy. A standout moment came in the 2002 Tri-Nations with a two-try performance against Australia. Averaging nearly a try per match for Western Province in the Currie Cup. Paulse transitioned to mountain biking post-retirement, completing the Cape Epic in 2009 and the Untamed African MTB race as an individual finisher. Today, he’s a well-known sports commentator and TV presenter.
Mrs South Africa 2022

Jo Judnick-Wilson

Jo Judnick-Wilson, affectionately known as “JoziMom,” stands out among dynamic women. As a married mother of two boys and an entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science, she has become a notable figure. Crowned in 2022, Jo took on the mission of identifying South African icons and heroes for young women to admire. Jo is a business owner, content creator, and passionate photographer. Embracing new challenges, she can often be found engrossed in DIY projects, gardening, painting, or pursuing further studies. “Behind every great woman, there is another great woman whispering ‘you’ve got this’ in her ear. “

200+ Staff Members

Large companies may be spread out over a number of floors and have a number of buildings too. Here we need to look at how many staff are in different areas, and the type of beverages that management want to provide.

With greater usage comes the need for greater management and machines with access card readers can offer control over how many drinks are dispensed per day per person.

Generally, the coffee machines will be larger and offer canisters that can hold more product before needing to be refilled and we offer a complete range that includes larger automatic coffee machines like the Vicenza, through to large coffee vending machines that can offer 150 cups before a refill is needed.

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As a member of the Dallmayr Group, we firmly believe in providing our clients with outstanding quality products and superior service. In doing so, we strive to be a long-term flexible partner.

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