Investing in a coffee machine has 5 major benefits

It’s no secret that everyone has been affected by the current economic state of the country. Change in the budget has resulted in companies restructuring what is a necessity and what is simply a luxury they can do without. Coffee has been a leading product in the South African market in many households as well as in the corporate space and food and beverage sector. In this article, we look at 5 reasons why a coffee machine can save your budget in 2021 in your business and at home.

Cost saving


Having one coffee machine in your office space can save you more than you budget for. A coffee machine is programmed to dispense a certain amount of ingredients into a drink selection. This will save on overuse of sugar, coffee milk, etc. Having control over how many cups are dispensed daily can adequately plan your budget more appropriately for every month and give a key indication of how many ingredients are needed in your office.



Personal hygiene has no doubt become one of the highest pressing issues of recent times. With the ever-going pandemic of the Corona Virus, self-hygiene has escalated and there is a greater demand for the implementation of hygiene.

How does a coffee machine contribute to hygiene practices? Coffee vending machines or coffee machines utilize disposable cups. These cups are for one use only and for one person. This limits the number of people being in contact with the cup and can reduce the chances of bacteria being spread.

This greatly decreases unsanitary actions and increases the hygiene levels around.



The process of making one cup of coffee is timely. Having a coffee machine reducing the time down to less than 1min to make a steaming hot cup of coffee to go. Some coffee machines are equipped with a water pump which saves time on always refilling the water tank and waiting for the water to boil. In effect, less time making coffee means more time to be productive.

Drink Selection

One machine, different coffee drink selections. One machine can offer up to 24 different variants of coffee drinks at a push of a button. Having an all-in-one solution will save time and money buying different types of coffee variants when they can all be made from one coffee machine.

You can enjoy coffee drinks such as Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Chocacinno, Hot Chocolate, Mochaccino, Black Coffee, Tea and so much more.

Some machines have the option of pre-selecting the number of ingredients that go into your coffee to make the perfect tailor-made coffee to your desire.



Unfortunately, office shopping is a sad reality in our society. Staff members sometimes help themselves to company resources and take them home for their own use. Having a coffee machine ensures all ingredients are kept and locked in the coffee machine. This results in staff members not having access to the resources.

In conclusion, a coffee machine may add more value to your environment while saving your company a lot of money.

Coffee has been an essential need in the workspace that has allowed companies a way to give back to their staff to stay productive at work. You can read our article on how coffee can keep your staff in good health.

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