Creating the perfect coffee moment

A symphony of flavours crafted to perfection: Within the vibrant tapestry of the food-service sector, Dallmayr stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Our extensive range of coffee machines caters to the diverse needs of your business, ensuring that each cup of coffee is a harmonious symphony of flavours. From the aromatic allure of filter-coffee machines to the streamlined precision of fully automatic coffee machines and the artful mastery of portafilter espresso machines – we offer an array of options that resonate with the soul of your establishment.

Embrace excellence with every sip: Beyond the machines themselves, Dallmayr takes pride in supplying a curated selection of coffee varietiesv meticulously designed for professional use. Immerse your patrons in the enchanting depths of our filter coffee, indulge their senses with the velvety smoothness of café crème, and awaken their taste buds with the bold intensity of espresso. And for those seeking alternative indulgences, our repertoire extends to include an exquisite collection of tea specialties and luscious drinking chocolate.

Personalised concepts, tailored impressions: At Dallmayr, we recognise that the ambiance of your space is a canvas waiting to be painted with perfection. Our HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) service transcends the ordinary, offering not only exceptional coffee products but also personalised concepts and bespoke coffee equipment. Enhance the overall impression of your establishment with carefully crafted solutions that align seamlessly with your vision.

Guidance and expertise, on the house: Venturing into the world of coffee machines and professional coffee service can be a complex endeavor. That’s why our team of experts is eagerly waiting to guide you towards the best solutions for your business. Whether you’re seeking insights into machine selection, optimal brewing techniques, or menu enhancements, we’re committed to being your steadfast partners on this journey. In the realm of hospitality, every detail matters – especially when it comes to crafting the perfect coffee moment that lingers in the memory of your patrons. At Dallmayr, we understand that pleasure is derived from those exquisite moments, and we’re here to help you create an impression that not only lasts but elevates your establishment. Whether you’re curating the coffee experience in a charming café, an upscale restaurant, a cozy bakery, or a luxurious hotel, Dallmayr’s exceptional coffee machines are poised to revolutionise your coffee service.

Creating the perfect coffee moment is an art that requires finesse, dedication, and a touch of magic. Dallmayr’s coffee machines for coffee shops offer more than just equipment – they encapsulate an unwavering commitment to excellence, an unyielding passion for taste, and an unspoken understanding of the remarkable experiences that lie within each cup.

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